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Unresponsive nodes not removed based on expire_time


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


This is working as designed.?As of discovery 7.x, if a system has not been updated in "expire_time" # of days, it will not be automatically removed - it will simply be marked as a "candidate" for removal. However, if there is any QoS data associated with the system remaining in S_QOS_DATA, it will not be deleted

If this is the case, then the devices will need to be deleted manually from the database, by executing the following command:

DELETE FROM CM_COMPUTER_SYSTEM WHERE cs_id = 'The ID you are interested to delete'?

There is an Idea (enhancement request) already created in order to have a feature in CA UIM that will allow the easier deletion of devices without the need of executing SQL command against the database.?Unfortunately, we can't provide a more specific date to have this feature available in the product.


Component: CAUIM