probeDiscovery queue is not draining well (7.5/7.6)
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probeDiscovery queue is not draining well (7.5/7.6)


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Environment: discovery_server 7.5/7.6 only.?

Adjust discovery_server configuration settings:

a) vm_id correlation makes sure that metrics from 2 different virtual machine guests won't be combined.

b) robot_device_id correlation does the same but for robots

Recommendation: both settings should be enabled (set to true)

Follow this procedure:

1. login to the primary hub and stop the Robot watcher service
2. delete the contents of the niscache directory
3. run the following queries and make sure the rows have been deleted.

???? delete from cm_computer_system
???? delete from cm_device

4. Start the robot watcher service

5. Activate the discovery_server

6. Restart the nis_server and ace probes.

See if the probeDiscovery queue continues to build without draining or it is still draining slowly.


Component: UIMDSC