Spooler probe is not taking a port
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Spooler probe is not taking a port


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Spooler probe is not taking a port

We have an issue while adding server to monitoring, when I try to deploy robot 5.7 the spooler is not connecting/taking port... I tried to change the port from 48001 to other but still we are facing same issue even though firewall is disabled & ports are opened bidirectionally from source to destination.

OS: Windows(6.2) Standard edition, 64 bit, Windows 2012R2
Robot 5.70

Sample errors in spooler log:

Jun 24 10:09:22:533 [8060] spooler: nimSessionNew - _probeCheckin failed - communication error
Jun 24 10:09:42:538 [8060] spooler: sockConnect - connect to ##.###.###.## 48000 failed 10060
Jun 24 10:09:42:538 [8060] spooler: nimRequest: SessionConnect failed: ##.###.###.## 48000
Jun 24 10:09:42:538 [8060] spooler: nimRegisterProbe failed for the spooler


1. Is this just a robot or also a hub?

If it's also a hub, the hub will take up the function of the spooler and so you will not see pid for spooler .This is default behavior. Also when you click this spooler probe you will see message "hub spooler is not configurable "So you will also not see a spooler process by itself on a hub. On a normal robot the spooler functionality is done by the robot and is configurable.

2. What version of hub is running that it connects to?

3. Can you confirm that there is no no anti-virus interfering?

4. Can you telnet TO the Robot FROM the hub on port 48000?

5. Can you telnet TO the Hub FROM the Robot on port 48002?

6. Is the first_probe_port set on the controller? Please set it to 48003 and restart the Robot.

7. Is the machine multi-homed?

Make sure there is an exception configured for ALL Nimsoft programs on the machine and ports 48000-48050 are allowed for Nimsoft

9. Check the Windows Event log for any crashes/issues with controller, hdb or spooler.

10. Run netstat -an | findstr "4800" and check if the system has any socket issues/conflicts/ran out of available sockets

11. Does the machine resolve using nslookup?

12. Can you 'reverse' resolve it with nslookup <ipaddress>?

13. hosts file has the hostname and IP correct (if there IS an entry)?

14. Make sure these settings in the robot.cfg are set to no.

local_ip_validation = no
strict_ip_binding = no


Component: CAUIM



In this particular case besides checking every item listed above, this is what we did to resolve the issue:

Download and deploy Robot v7.63 or higher, as this version contains an "improved port check" fix.


Note that it IS compatible with older NMS versions.

local_ip_validation = no
strict_ip_binding = no

in the robot.cfg

- The Windows administrator temporarily disabled any local anti-virus as a test
- Activated the Robot again
- See if the spooler and hdb probes are now able to take a port

After upgrading the robot to 7.63, making the changes to the robot.cfg and disabling the Anti-Virus, then restarting the Robot, the Robot processes including the spooler had no more issues taking ports.

As long as the the local Anti-Virus software remains disabled OR you make a FULL exception for ALL local Nimsoft programs/ports/protocols, the robot controller, hdb and spooler processes should all have ports and PIDs and function as expected.