VIC deployment throws error, "Docker API endpoint check failed: context deadline exceeded"
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VIC deployment throws error, "Docker API endpoint check failed: context deadline exceeded"


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VMware vSphere ESXi


Deploying the VCH using VIC-MACHINE- XXXX Create command, receive the following error
Sep 14 2016 12:52:35.766-04:00 INFO Checking VCH connectivity with vSphere target
Sep 14 2016 12:52:36.129-04:00 INFO vSphere API Test: vSphere API target responds as expected
Sep 14 2016 12:55:20.414-04:00 INFO Docker API endpoint check failed: context deadline exceeded
Sep 14 2016 12:55:20.414-04:00 INFO Collecting xxxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx vpxd.log
Sep 14 2016 12:55:20.471-04:00 INFO API may be slow to start - try to connect to API after a few minutes:
Sep 14 2016 12:55:20.472-04:00 INFO Run command: docker -H --tls info
Sep 14 2016 12:55:20.473-04:00 INFO If command succeeds, VCH is started. If command fails, VCH failed to install - see documentation for troubleshooting.
Sep 14 2016 12:55:20.479-04:00 ERROR --------------------
Sep 14 2016 12:55:20.479-04:00 ERROR vic-machine-linux create failed: Creating VCH exceeded time limit of 3m0s. Please increase the timeout using --timeout to accommodate for a busy vSphere target
Note: The preceding log excerpts are only examples. Date, time, and environmental variables may vary depending on your environment.


VMware vSphere Integrated Containers 1.0.x


To resolve this issue please validate and resolve the items defined herein.  

This issue can occur due to the following:
1) The IP that is assigned to the VCH, is already assigned.(Duplicate IP)
2) If using --ops-usr in the deployment command. The user does not have required access and or permissions to the defined vCenter or vCenter database
3) The environments network firewall is blocking the required ports
Validate ESXi host Firewall ports are allowed:
  • Allow outbound TCP traffic to port 2377 on the endpoint VM, for use by the interactive container shell.
  • Allow inbound HTTPS/TCP traffic on port 443, for uploading to and downloading from datastores.
  • Access to the VCH Administration Portal port 2378
  • VCH docker connectivity port 2376
  • Admiral portal port 8282
4) Verify the network configuration from vCenter to VCH client network and vice-versa. To test this, verify if it is possible to deploy one VCH with --client-network as the Management network where vCenter is located and have successful deployment.

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