Cloud Proxies becoming dysfunctional after upgrading to vRealize Operations 8.10
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Cloud Proxies becoming dysfunctional after upgrading to vRealize Operations 8.10


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VMware Aria Suite


  • After upgrading to vRealize Operations 8.10 Cloud Proxy not completing the upgrade.
  • On Cloud Proxy, the command service httpd-north status shows that it failed to start with an error similar to:
Failed to resolve server name for (check DNS) -- or specify an explicit ServerName
Oct 28 14:48:38 localhost httpd[8746]: (99)Cannot assign requested address: AH00072: make_sock: could not bind to address 


VMware vRealize Operations 8.10.x


While running custom adapters in containers, there were changes in /etc/httpd-north/httpd.conf to listen, which is docker's default gateway in case of a bridged network.

However, if the 172.17.X.X subnet is used, the docker service will use another subnet for the bridged network, e.g. 172.18.X.X (usually it increments the second byte).  As in httpd.conf it is hard coded to listen on, and the docker uses, it causes the could not bind to address and fails.


This issue is resolved in vRealize Operations 8.10.1 and later available at VMware Downloads.


In case of the mentioned issues with the mentioned symptoms, as a workaround, via ifconfig command should be checked the docker's gateway.

docker0 Link encap:Ethernet HWaddr 07:12:ba:7e:2f:59
inet addr: Bcast: Mask:

After, in /etc/httpd-north/httpd.conf file change all appearances to (IP shown in if config) and restart httpd-north service, i.e. service httpd-north restart.

Note: In case of a CP reboot, the mentioned manual changes will be reverted, so there will be a need to repeat the workaround.