e2e_appmon script runs but returns NULL QOS entries after some time


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DX Infrastructure Management NIMSOFT PROBES


A - 4 error code means that the script was killed before execution completed. In this case you
would also get an alarm telling you that the script did not complete on time and had to be killed.

Using the Teamviewer (instead of VNC), we observed that the "Save password" window on Internet Explorer was causing an error on the script execution, so the QOS on SLM was returning null due to this issue. The script would run fine for some time and then the password prompt would popup and stall the script.

If you don't not use a remote viewer, it is difficult to catch exactly what is happening when a script fails. Sometimes the option 'dump screen on timeout' will show you the root cause but using VNC/Team Viewer/LAN Manager or some other remote viewer software is highly recommended.

After we select the IE to not save passwords from that site, the script ran consistently without any more issues.

Also not that no other users can be logged onto the system except for the e2e probe user otherwise the script will fail.

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Component: CAUIM