Ping alarms are showing as invisible in OC
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Ping alarms are showing as invisible in OC


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Ping alarms are showing as invisible in OC


Release: Any UIM
Component: UIMNCN


NMS 6.5 install puts a pre-processing rule in the nas called "Required Topology Fault Correlation Rule" that is enabled by default and makes all net_connect alerts invisible. The rule has a definite function when fault_correlation is installed as the FCE probe handles the alarms in the instance that it's been installed and is running. FCE will only send those alarms that are required (in other words, it suppresses alarms that are behind a fault point). It then re-sends alarms from itself.

When FCE is active, it's standard procedure is to assume that there will be no manually configured net_connect profiles. This is because net_connect will be configured for discovered devices automatically. Bottom line, when using FCE, it requires that you either let it do all the alarming for that probe, or not use it at all.

If the customer's not using FCE, disabling the rule is fine. See steps below for how to disable this rule - this will deactivate the nas pre-processing rule for Fault Correlation Engine (FCE) that makes all net_connect alarms invisible.

- Open the nas probe GUI
- Select Auto-Operator Tab
- Select Pre-processing Rules Tab
- De-select the rule "Required Topology Fault Correlation Rule"
- Click OK and Yes to restart the probe.

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