New alarms not published after restart of hub v7.50 (alarm_enrichment queue not draining)


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DX Infrastructure Management NIMSOFT PROBES


Summary: alarm_enrichment queue stops sending messages.


a) 'No element found for key domain' error messages in alarm_enrichment log
b) restart of nas or alarm_enrichment has no affect
c) hub log shows error messages like the following:

May? 5 09:22:27:041 [2392] hub: Legacy file 'q_probeDiscovery.sds' was empty, deleting
May? 5 09:22:27:041 [2392] hub: Error removing file 'q/q_probeDiscovery.sds' (Permission denied)


1. Open the hub probe GUI and select the Status Tab
2. rt-click on the alarm_enrichment probe and empty the queue
3. Stop the Nimsoft Robot Watcher service
4. Delete all *.sds files in:


5. Start the Nimsoft Robot Watcher service
6. Check the alarm_enrichment queue and test by sending some alarms that the alarm_enrichment queue will process, to make sure it is processing alarms.
7. Check the hub.log and make sure there are no more Legacy file / permission denied errors.

The alarm_enrichment queue should be processing alarms successfully now.


Component: UIMNAS