VIC Plugin Fails to Install "failed: flag needs an argument: -server-thumbprint"
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VIC Plugin Fails to Install "failed: flag needs an argument: -server-thumbprint"


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VMware vSphere ESXi



After running the vCenterForWindows\install.bat the plugin fails to install with the following error: -

"ERROR vic-ui-windows.exe failed: flag needs an argument: -server-thumbprint"


VMware vSphere Integrated Containers 1.x


The plugin install script is not able utilize the commands that are not compatible with older versions of powershell. Recommended to update to the latest version of powershell.



There is currently no resolution at this time.

1. Open the vCenterForWindows\configs file in a text editor and verify the vic_ui_host_thumbprint thumbprint is colon delimited. If there are spaces in the thumbprint replace them with ":" like the example below.

SET vic_ui_host_thumbprint=AE:B8:2D:05:97:09:9C:DA:81:1C:C0:CE:75:C8:D0:41:36:6C:D6:00

 2. Open the vCenterForWindows\install.bat in a text editor.
 3. Comment out the line containing SET vic_ui_host_thumbprint=%%D  Should look like the example below.

FOR /F "tokens=*" %%D IN ('ECHO %vic_ui_host_thumbprint%^| powershell -Command "$input.replace(' ', ':')"') DO (
REM    SET vic_ui_host_thumbprint=%%D

4. Run the uninstall vCenterForWindows\uninstall.bat to clean up failed registrations if any.
5. Run the installer vCenterForWindows\install.bat in register the plugins and restart the web client services on the vCenter to complete the install.