VIC 1.1.0 Installing Flex UI for VCSA fails
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VIC 1.1.0 Installing Flex UI for VCSA fails


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VMware vSphere ESXi



When installing the vCenter VIC flex plugin the flex fails to complete the install with the following message:

"../vsphere-client-serenity/-/vc_extension_flags" No such file or directory". File "" does not exist.


VMware vSphere Integrated Containers 1.x


The issue has been resolved in vSphere Integrated Containers 1.2. It is recommend to upgrade VIC to the latest version.



In the event that an upgrade is not an option at this time, please use the following as a short term workaround. The following details apply to vSphere Integrated Containers version 1.1.0. Later versions of VIC have the resolved the issue as the required steps for the plugin install have changed. Recommended to upgrade to the latest version VIC.

To workaround the issue please use the HTML5Client installer by adding the flex plugin type to the HTML5Client configs file.

The steps are as follows.

  1. Change in the "vic" directory created when unpacking the vic_1.1.0.tar.gz bundle.
  2. Add the line plugin_type="flex" into the file "ui/HTML5Client/configs". The following command example can be ran from the vic folder.

echo `plugin_type="flex"` >> ui/HTML5Client/configs

  1. Run the installer "ui/HTML5Client/"


Below is an example of the configs file, and how it may look:

# Enter the IP of the server running VCSA
# Update the following lines if you have a local web server that is accessible from your VCSA and VIC UI zip files are uploaded to it 

# Change the following line to the full URL of the path where the zip files are located

# For example, if is available at, type in:

# Note: each uploaded zip file will be accessed only once when the user logs into vSphere Web Client for the first time after successful installation


# If VIC_UI_HOST_URL starts with "https", enter SHA-1 thumbprint of the web server hosting the file

# The fingerprint should be in the format of A0:B1:C2:... In case you retrieved the fingerprint from Google Chrome make sure to replace spaces with colons (:)


# WARNING: VIC UI can run on a vCenter 5.5 setup, but is not officially supported. Use it with your own risk. If you wish to continue change the value from 0 to 1