qos_processor queue keeps backing up on a daily basis


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DX Infrastructure Management NIMSOFT PROBES


qos_processor alarms

Example alarm-> The queue 'qos_processor_qos_message' is 410 MB. Check the hub configuration.


Known issue of slow memory leak in version 1.20/1.21/1.22 (to be fixed in a future release)


Component: CAUIM


Interim workaround: restart the qos_processor probe when the queue gets backed up

Open the nas probe and select the Scripts Tab.

Rt-click and create a new script, edit the address if necessary and use this as the script and save it as qos_processor restart or whatever name you prefer.

-----------cut here-------------------------

addr = "/NMS/NMS-Server/NMS-Robot/hub" -- insert the Nimsoft address for the robot where the hub runs
probe = "qos_processor"-- ***specify the probe to be restarted***
local args = pds.create() -- create data structure to pass arguments to probe callbacks

-----------cut here--------------------------


Create an Auto-Operator profile with:

- Action type of 'script'
- Action mode of "On message arrival"
- Severity: Warning
- Message Filter: /.*The queue 'qos_processor_qos_message' is.*/
- Message Counter: Greater than
- Value: 1

- Select the qos_processor restart script from the pulldown.
- Name the profile, e.g., Restart qos_processor on alarm
- Click Ok, then click Ok again to restart the nas probe.
- Make sure the AO Profile is enabled.


The script will automatically restart the qos_processor probe when more than one alarm occurs and it will alleviate the qos_processor_qos_message queue backup.

Note that for customers who experience qos_processor queue backups but don?t have any enrichment scripts configured you can set the following qos_processor probe parameter via Raw Configure:

enrichment-enabled = false

This allows the qos_processor to process faster and still perform origin lookups.

This is often sufficient to keep the qos_processor queue empty.


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