"Unknown error (0x80005000)" occurs when you log on using LDAP Active Directory
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"Unknown error (0x80005000)" occurs when you log on using LDAP Active Directory


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When you log on as a user in an environment in which VMware Lab Manager is set to use LDAP, you see the following error:
Unknown error (0x80005000)
You may also see an error such as "protocol error"


VMware vCenter Lab Manager 2.5.x
VMware vCenter Lab Manager 2.4.x


Please ensure you are using the Microsoft Active Directory Service. Lab Manager does not support other LDAP servers at this time.
The LDAP string is not correctly set in Slingshot. The string requires the following general format:


Make sure you:
  • Use all upper case for LDAP. Using lower case (ldap) causes errors.

  • Do not use a trailing slash, such as in LDAP://server_name/.

Try the following to confirm your LDAP string is working.

  1. Copy the following script into Notepad and save it as the filename LDAP.vbs. Make sure you replace the LDAP string with your own string.

    Set objGroup = GetObject ("LDAP://your_ldap_servername/department=’QA',DC=companyabc,DC=com")

    Wscript.Echo objGroup.objectCategory

  2. Run this script by double-clicking the file LDAP.vbs.

If a dialog box appears, indicating no errors, your string is valid. If you see error messages, ask someone in your organization for the LDAP string.