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UMP web portal (session) timeout


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Is it possible to change the UMP web portal (session) timeout? Can the user timeout UMP login be changed?


Release: CNMSPP99000-8.47-Unified Infrastructure Mgmt-Server Pack-- On Prem


The Session timeout is an expired time limit for a logged in Liferay user which has been inactive for a period of time.

1. The session time out is located in the file in the
c:\Program Files (x86)\nimsoft\probes\service\wasp\webapps\root\web-inf\classes directory

# Time out after five minutes, but automatically request an extension after one
# minute as long as the user is currently browsing to a portal page. The
# timeout is really configured in ../web.xml.


You would also need to modify the web.xml which is located in the
c:\Program Files (x86)\nimsoft\probes\service\wasp\webapps\root\web-inf\ directory


2. The session times out by default after 5 min, but it auto extends infinitely. Done via the line:


The way it works is that the default session is 5 minutes, but when is set to "true" then the session will automatically be extended every 1 minute, as long as the user is currently browsing a page/portlet. They do not have to be engaging in any activity, just have the page open in a browser.

3. The session time out will be overwritten if your product is integrated with NSD - by default it will be 60 min.

4. If you are using a proxy, the timeout values will be ignored. As a solution please try adding a timeout value to the ProxyPass statement on your httpd.conf.

connectiontimeout=600 timeout=600

5. During any packet loss, or a network connection drop, the user would be forced to log in again but in this case that would be expected.

Determine 'where' this is happening.

Does this only happen on the a single system and browser or do you and/or other users experience the same behavior? Also what browser and version are they using versus yours?

See also:

Session timeout is an expired time limit for a logged in Liferay user which as been inactive for a period of time.


If your session isn't timing out and only the 'other' session is timing out, then that would imply that you've configured the UMP (Liferay) settings properly and instead is related to something environmental (browser or Windows OS settings or something else).

How is the user on the other system, connecting to the UMP session? e.g., locally, remotely, after logging into a VPN, etc...


Windows session time limits:

local connection and so on...

If it is only happening on a single machine then it must be due to machine/environment/build/version/patch level, etc, because if it were CA UIM / UMP causing it, it would occur on both or all machines.

Also check
  • Desktop
  • Group Policy
  • Machine/updates
  • Screensaver
  • All config settings identical?

If all else fails after following this Article, check that no process such as the Robot is being restarted at that same interval.