e2e_appmon 2.0: TaskEdit Browser error- add-on failure. "Check that the WTBho add-on is enabled"
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e2e_appmon 2.0: TaskEdit Browser error- add-on failure. "Check that the WTBho add-on is enabled"


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


TaskEdit - Browser error

Check that the WTBho add-on is enabled...etc etc
***but the add-on was already enabled***

Re-recorded script and avoided use of OCREngine sync. Use of ClickOnBitmap wizard is preferred.
Access ClickOnBitmap using the Help window->functions on the right side of the e2e scripting window. If you don't see it press F3. Try using that via the Wizard - double click to start the Wizard. Save off the .bmp file and make sure you use "Somewhere in the Window" and extend the coordinates if you need to just by editing the coordinates in the script file if needed. Basically you're forcing the mouse to click on image/window where you can continue the script of enter credentials into a window.

When one approach to focusing mouse on a window doesn't work try another sync tool in e2e.

e2e checklist items:

- For IE browser, check the Internet Options Advanced Tab, and Enable ?Enable third-party browser extension? ?and disable ? Enable protected mode?
- Make sure there are no residual users logged in to the remote machine via RDP. - Make sure any RDP users are logged off otherwise tests will not run.
- Check remote machine time sync (local sync is ok)
- VNC Server installed on all remote machines (Real VNC version 4.2 or higher, not 4.1.1) Note: 4.1.1 can give errors: read: ?Connection reset by peer (10054)?. Use VNC viewer to view the script runs. Best practice is to use VNC session to record scripts as well if possible.
- Disable Screensaver (be careful, security policy could reinstate it)
- Note: May need to run mmc to see/review Local Security Policy. Run mmc and add snap-in (Group Policy Object Editor)->Computer Configuration->Windows Settings->Security Settings->Local Policies->Security Options
- Network Security: Force logoff when logon hours expire (Disable it if required)
- Disable Idle Timeout setting (if necessary)
- Microsoft Network Server: Amount of Idle Time required before suspending session (Should be set to 99999) - The maximum value is 99999, which is 208 days; in effect, this value disables the policy. Do not set it to zero. For this policy setting, a value of 0 means to disconnect an idle session as quickly as is reasonably possible. (if necessary)
- Disconnect clients when logon hours expire (Should be disabled if logon hours policy is set.)
- Make sure, if it is possible that you set the server properties Display settings to 1024x768 or higher but keep consistent between transaction test/script machine and where you're viewing the scripts from.
- Make sure any application login passwords are set to never expire; otherwise, the tests will eventually fail en masse or you can encrypt the passwords using e2e. (if necessary)
- Disable power standby/hibernate if set under Control Panel->Power options

VNC server must be installed in the e2e_appmon robot and viewer installed where your'e viewing it from, e.g., hub or where Infrastructure Manager is installed.


Component: UIME2E