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Windows Authentication fails for other probes but not the data_engine


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


The following is an example of log entries you might see in one of the probes mentioned above, after changing from using SQL Server (sa) authentication to Windows authentication:

Feb 11 14:19:20:112 [main, sla_engine] Exception occurs in createConnection Login failed for user ''. Trace: Login failed for user ''.

If this is the case, check the data_engine connection string for the following:

If you have the following line for your connection sring in the data_engine:

parameters = Network Library=dbmssocn;Language=us_english;Integrated Security = SSPI

Change it to:

parameters = Network Library=dbmssocn;Language=us_english;Integrated Security=SSPI

Remove any spaces around the '=' in the Integrated Security section.

Then Deactivate the problem probe and Activate it.


Component: UIMACE