Monitoring VNX 5700 - permissions needed
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Monitoring VNX 5700 - permissions needed


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Monitoring VNX 5700 - permissions needed

clariion release notes 

celerra release notes


Component: UIMCEL


The clariion probe uses the EMC naviseccli interface.

Use the latest version of the clariion probe v1.60. 

clariion 1.6 Help doc: 


Use the latest version of celerra probe v1.60. 

The celerra probe requires SSH access to do its work. The Resource configuration dialog requires user and password, and defaults to port 22, the usual ssh interface so make sure you can connect via SSH. It establishes an SSH shell and then uses a command line interface on the host to retrieve the celerra data.

The SSH on the VNXe is only meant to be used for service activities, and the IPs for the service processors are on the private internal network.

celerra Help doc

The login scope for the CLARiiON system user. It is recommended to use Global or Local users for monitoring the CLARiiON system in order to remove any dependency on an LDAP server.

The clariion probe uses the Navisphere command-line client, and Navisphere connects on port 6389.

***Read-only access should only be required.

Dont forget to turn on statistics monitoring in the clariion system:

You can see if statistics logging is on by clicking on SP A and SP B under a Resource in the configuration GUI and looking for the ?Statistics Logging? metric (it is a string, and should be either ?ON? or ?OFF?).

- Statistics Logging must be enabled for many of the performance metrics (affects Clariion performance)

To turn on statistics monitoring on the CLARiiON system, your CLARiiON administrator can send the following command via the Navisphere CLI (command line interface):

naviseccli -h <array-ip> -scope 0 -user <storage system username> -password <storage system password> setstats -on

Navisphere CLI must be installed on the same system as the clariion probe.