exchange_monitor MicrosoftExchangeMonitoring service alarms (major)
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exchange_monitor MicrosoftExchangeMonitoring service alarms (major)


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


The 'MicrosoftExchangeMonitoring' service is for diagnostic purposes only. This service monitoring is for external/third-party applications that make cmdlet calls for diagnostics. Note that when Exchange is installed this service is set to Manual (not enabled) and Optional and it is NOT required by the CA UIM (Nimsoft) exchange_monitor probe itself for gathering report information.

cmdlet configuration in the exchange_monitor probe is for gathering report information ONLY and has nothing to do with Exchange 'diagnostics.' The probe does not require it for running cmdlets for collecting the data.

The service profile for MicrosoftExchangeMonitoring is for diagnostic cmdlets.

Overview of Services Installed by Exchange Setup


Component: UIMEXM


If the customer is using Windows PowerShell Diagnostic Cmdlets as per:

For example:
- Export-Counter
- Get-Counter
- Get-WinEvent
- Import-Counter
- New-WinEvent

or other Exchange get cmdlets that may exist for other versions of Exchange server... then this may be useful and if so should be enabled on the Exchange server by the Exchange admin, otherwise you can disable the profile in the exchange_monitor probe to stop getting alarms.

Windows Service name: Microsoft Exchange Monitoring
Service short name: MicrosoftExchangeMonitoring
Security context: Local system
Description and dependencies: Allows applications to call the Exchange diagnostic cmdlets. This service has no dependencies.
Default startup type: MANUAL
Server roles: ALL
Required (R) or optional (O): O

'MicrosoftExchangeMonitoring' is an optional Exchange Server Windows service on the local Exchange server that allows applications to call Exchange diagnostic cmdlets and it is set to MANUAL so it is NOT running on the Exchange server unless the service has been purposely enabled by the Exchange Administrator. It only affects the use of cmdlets by other applications that call them for Exchange diagnostic purposes. This service is optional and NOT required by the CA UIM (Nimsoft) exchange_monitor probe itself for gathering report information.

So in conclusion, you can DISABLE that service profile checkpoint in the exchange_monitor probe so you no longer get those Major alarms "Service - Microsoft Exchange Monitoring: service Microsoft Exchange Monitoring has state stopped, not the expected state running."

Additional Information

If you need to enable cmdlet operation in the probe itself to gather report information see KB Article titled:

"exchange_monitor cmd-let error - Returns Impersonation error, POWERSHELL data fetch error"