cisco_monitor probe is not inserting some QOS metrics into the database


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cisco_monitor probe is not inserting some QOS metrics into the database

I recently noticed that some metrics are not being inserted into the DB for cisco_monitor. So far I've only noticed it for a new client. I've ran DrNimbus and it looks like the QOS_MESSAGES make it to our primary hub but must be dropped by data_engine.

Upon examination of the probe GUI, we saw that there were valid values being collected by the probe for various metrics including CPU, Memory and Power Supply but NOT Fan State.

MIB variable: CiscoEnvMonFanState
instance:? .1007

. and other OIDs

Fan State and values show up for all other devices for customers except this one customer.

no Fan State (<value>) targets show up in the data_engine log at loglevel 3 or 5.

Switch Model:
Cisco Catalyst Switch: (1=On, 0=Off) (Counter Mode: Delta)

1 = normal

The probe log shows the OID and values are being collected.

QOS Object



In DrNimBUS, the target only shows Power supply state and values

For testing purposes, we used snmpget to walk the MIB which showed everything was working as expected and the MIB variables and OIDs and expected MIBs were present.

After checking everything we tried a redeployment of the probe but to no avail.

Finally, I suspected that perhaps the profile was somehow corrupted so we deleted and recreated it, and then lo and behold, the Fan State target values started populating as we could see in DrNimBUS sniffer output.

This appeared to be caused by Copy/Paste operation. Copying from one profile to another from within the probe GUI, e.g., SNMP community string can adversely affect the outcome and we saw target values not being populated - though you cannot see any bad/special characters when you do a Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V to paste it into a new profile or when viewing the .cfg file in Notepad++. Nevertheless, the outcome is predictable as we could recreate the small but strange problem.


Windows 2008 R2
Robot 7.80
cisco_monitor 3.36
Robot 7.80

Copy and paste the community string into Notepad then copy it from notepad and paste it into the GUI. The problem no longer occurred. We also retested it.

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