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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM) CA Unified Infrastructure Management On-Premise (Nimsoft / UIM)


How do I reset the nis cache and the device id when I clone a robot?



Component: CAUIM


When you clone a robot it can duplicate the robot device id causing the data for both robots to merge into a single robot.


Newer versions of the robot have an 'expert-mode' controller callback which can be used to reset the robot device id and restart the robot (thus resetting them to unique values).

To use this callback (assuming you're running on robot 5.70 or newer), use the following procedure:

1) Navigate to the robot which needs to have its device id reset

2) Highlight the 'controller' probe and hit 'CTRL + P'

3) When the probe utility for the controller probe comes up, select 'Options' (the thumbnail with the gear icon)

4) Check 'Expert Mode' and click OK

5) Pulldown on the 'Probe commandset' menu and select '_nis_cache_clean' then press play, then select '_reset_device_id_and_restart' This will flush the niscache folder, including the robot device id. Then the robot will restart and immediately begin to repopulate the niscache (beginning with the robot device id). Repeat this procedure on all robots which were cloned.

6) Then restart the discovery_server probe, then the nis_server probe, then the data_engine probe. Wait for each one to restart before you restart the next.  If the probe goes to error state, then stop the probe, wait for it to stop, then start the probe. You can do this step after fixing multiple robots.

7) You may have to go to USM, find these robots using the search from the inventory line. Put a check in the box next to the robot, from the action pull down select "Delete Selected", REMOVE the check from prevent rediscovery and press OK. This will clean up the entries in USM.


Additional Information

If using Operator Console you would follow a similar process to delete and re-discover the devices on OC "Inventory" screen.