Some questions regarding the audit probe
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Some questions regarding the audit probe


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Some questions regarding the audit probe


UIM 8.x or later


Q1. We have not enabled "audit" on any robot.
However, in audit probe GUI I see some audit records such as

"Login: succeeded for administrator"
"Login: succeeded for discovery_server"
"Login: succeeded for discovery_agent"
"Login: succeeded for baseline_engine"
"Login: succeeded for dashboard_engine"
"Login: succeeded for dist_srv"

"probe" column for these records - shows "hub".

As far as we understand correctly, we are supposed to see audit records only for a robot where "audit" is enabled. Can you please explain why we are seeing such audit records ?

Q2. We may opt to disable "audit" probe.
We want confirmation if there is any expected negative impacts to NMS when "audit" is disabled.

UIM 8.x or later


A1. These records are published by hub probe, rather than by controller (robot) probe.
Therefore, as far as "audit" Subject is subscribed, it is relayed into NMS's audit probe.

You can configure the hub probe NOT to publish such records by a configuration key in the hub.cfg <hub> section:


A2. The only functional loss is to the audit probe "callback of controller probe"

NMS core monitoring capability (QoS collection, alarm collection) remains unaffected.