vCenter Server Storage Synchronization fails
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vCenter Server Storage Synchronization fails


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VMware Aria Suite


  • You see the storage cost calculation failure message in the Status menu for vCenter Server.
  • Center Server storage service fails and cause storage profiles not to appear in vRealize Business for Cloud.


VMware vRealize Business for Cloud Standard 7.x


This issue may occur due to one of these scenarios:

  • The Management Web services are not running on vCenter Server.
  • The vCenter Server user does not have all these permissions:

    • Storage views.View and Profile-driven storage.Profile-driven storage view
    • If vCenter Server is integrated with vRealize Operations Manager, user must have the Global.vCenter Operations User privileges.

  • The Profile-driven Storage service is not running in vCenter Server.
  • The vCenter Server web services and profile driven services are not running under the same LocalSystem or domain account.
  • For vCenter Server virtual appliance, the OpenSSL heart-bleed patch is applied, but the vCenter Storage Monitoring Service certificates are not upgraded.
  • The DB2 database issue.


To resolve the issue, see:

Additional Information

For more information, see the vCenter Server Storage Synchronization Failure section in the vRealize Business for Cloud install Guide. Accessing the Storage tab view in vCenter Server 5.0 fails with an internal error: com.vmware.vim.sms.fault.serviceInitializationException
vCenter Storage Monitoring Service fails with the error: Service initialization failed
Resolving OpenSSL Heartbleed for VMware vCenter Server 5.5