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iReporter cant connect to UR repository


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Issue - If you create the Repository profile, and get the following error: Error (401)Unauthorized. (this can be during installation etc)?Even though receiving this error the customer can still access UMP.?

Customer Description -?I installed the iReporter 5.2.0 and try to connect to the UR (7.5) Repository.?
I followed the instruction in the installation manual and inported the ireport-config.jar, I added query executors and connection to the Database.?

If I create the Repository profile, I am getting Error (401)Unauthorized.?
I can access the same URL with the same UID/PW vie browser.?

I have this problem verified on three systems, one of them had UR 7.6?

Resolution -?
in iReport Designer / Repository Navigator / Server Settings?
there is the entry "Organisation". The setting will be set to something "THIS COULD BE ANYTHING" simply erase this field to empty - and it should then work fine.?


Component: CAUIM