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Oracle probe 4.81 - managing table space alarms using excludes function


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


The Use Excludes option should be selected/checked for the given checkpoint.

oracle probe v4.81
Tested with Robot v7.70

Excludes list

Clicking this button opens the Excludes list. This list shows if excludes are defined for the checkpoint. The excludes found in the list will be used for the checkpoint if the Use excludes option (see above) is checked. Right-clicking in the list lets you add new excludes or edit, copy or delete existing excludes.

When adding (or editing) an exclude pattern, a "match expression" dialog is opened, allowing you to edit or define the exclude pattern. Excludes are defined using regular expression patterns. For example, the strings below all work as expected when they are valid tablespaces seen for the given checkpoint, e.g., tablespace_free.






***A test button allows you test the exclude pattern defined. This test is possible only for running active profiles and checkpoints. The test uses the Status list (on the Status tab) as input.

If there are already active excludes, the excluded objects are excluded from the status list BEFORE the test. When clicking the test button, an exclude test list pops up, showing the result of the test.

IF the Test of the exclude is working then Red text shows the objects which will be excluded using the tested pattern.

The "object thresholds" are functioning as an "include list" - it means, if there are special thresholds defined for a special object, this object will always stay in, even if the exclude pattern would eliminate it normally. This is considered also in the test function.

***Caveat for the test is that the checkpoint Status Tab MUST be fully populated on the right side for the Test to work/be valid, then you can use valid regex expressions.

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Once the probe is restarted, and then again opened you can see tablespace <TABLESPACE_NAME>is no LONGER BEING getting monitored. You can also check alarms & QOS and there should be no further entries for either once the configuration has been updated as per the above.

Note that the Status Tab checkpoints on the right side may take many minutes to populate. If they are not populated then the Test of the regex/results will not work and the window will return an empty result.

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Component: UIMORC


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