Why do I sometimes get a clear alarm for Logmon when Clear alarm is not checked?


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DX Infrastructure Management NIMSOFT PROBES


Below is an example:

1) User has configured ?Maximum Alarm Count? as 1 it means once alarm reach max threshold, probe will throw max alarm for the given interval and send clear max alarm if it see max alarm threshold is not breached for the next interval

2) Let us take the case of update mode with ?Maximum Alarm Count? as 1 and file update for
1st interval with one error count probe will not send max alarm 2nd interval with two error count (which is more than 1 now) probe will send max alarm 3rd interval with no error count then probe will send clear max alarm which was occurred in 2nd interval.
So Clear max alarms is a function of the probe and it is not dependent on ?send clear alarm check box? under Advanced section in Watcher.
Whereas send clear alarm check box is meant for an alarm that is configured in the Standard section.

This is working as designed.


Component: UIMLGM