How to delete discovery_agents and eliminate them from being displayed in USM
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How to delete discovery_agents and eliminate them from being displayed in USM


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


The discovery_agent probe has been deployed by mistake to a few robots. How to remove unwanted discovery_agent from USM so they do not show as a node under Inventory and are not available in Discovery Wizard?


UIM 8.x or above


After deleting the discovery_agent probe from the unwanted robots it will need to be removed from the database with the following commands:

1. Find the discovery_agent "da_id" you wish to remove by running the following

select * from CM_DISCOVERY_AGENT

2. To remove, use the following query to execute a stored procedure, entering the da_id at the end of the query.

MSSQL example:
exec P_CM_REMOVE_DISCOVERY_AGENT @da_id = <da_id from previous query>

MySQL example:
call P_CM_REMOVE_DISCOVERY_AGENT(da_id from previous query) 

Note: this will remove the scopes associated with that discovery_agent.

Simply refresh USM and the unwanted discovery_agent should now be gone.


Additional Information

1. On the hub-robot, stop the Robot service.

2. Login to the system, and delete the niscache, or if you cant login, choose that controller probe in IM for and using "Expert Mode" run the callback _nis_cache_clean and choose the full robot address to delete the robot's niscache.

3. If you logged in locally, start the robot. If you used the callback, that should be sufficient.

   Run-> exec P_CM_REMOVE_DISCOVERY_AGENT @da_id = <da_id from previous SELECT query>

Run this query and check the results:


There should not be any further discovery_agent duplicates for that particular hub-robot.