Probe license update is not working - Probe 'XXX' FAILED to start, the license has expired


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DX Infrastructure Management NIMSOFT PROBES


You may not able to restart a probe after the expiration date was surpassed, even though you have applied a new probe license (with a new expiration date) in the UIM environment.

Example alarm:

Probe 'XXX' FAILED to start, the license has expired


- robots older than 7.80


Component: controller/distsrv


In some cases, this problem is caused by a controller defect, which was fixed with robot 7.80 or higher so make sure the robot version where the probe is deployed is running robot v7.80 or higher.

a. Restart the robot
b. (If it is possible) Deploy distsrv probe on every HUB, configure license info and license forwarding from the distsrv which has the new probe license info.

If you have multiple hubs in your environment, and every HUB has a local distsrv probe and every distsrv probe has shared the same new probe license entries, then this problem description does not apply.

1. controller (robot) probe 7.05 / 7.6X / 7.70
2. HUB which the controller belongs to does not have "distsrv" probe.

(*) There are 2 types of licenses in UIM. "Probe license" and "HUB License"

In this article, "probe license" means license for probes except for HUB. The HUB probe license is managed by the HUB itself.

- The controller probe manages every probe's license expiration date in expire.cfg in the robot directory.

- If you have multiple HUBs in your environment, technically, every HUB doesn't have to run a local distsrv probe.

- When the controller detects a probe license expiration (e.g., upon restarting a probe), it is supposed to try to retrieve the new license info using the distsrv on the same-local HUB first,

- If local distsrv is not found, it is supposed to try to retrieve the new license info using distsrv running on any of the other HUBs

- However, due to the controller defect, it does not work if license resolution fails using distsrv within the same HUB