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Converting a Windows hub to a robot without uninstalling and reinstalling


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Process to convert a windows hub to a robot without uninstalling and reinstalling as a robot.?
  1. Remote Desktop to the system
  2. Go to the Nimsoft Service Controller
  3. Press "shutdown"
  4. Open file explorer and go to the Nimsoft directory
  5. Rename the "hub" folder to "hub_original"
  6. Open the robot folder
  7. Copy robot.cfg to robot_orig.cfg
  8. Copy controller.cfg to controller_orig.cfg
  9. Go to Infrastructure Manager(IM), find a robot on the hub you want this robot to report to.
  10. Click once on the controller probe on the robot from step 9, press ctrl-n to open a copy of robot.cfg
  11. Copy the hub, hubrobotname,hubip
The following is a copy of a default robot.cfg, this is the minimum needed to report to a hub. You will have more than this in the file, make sure that you remove the old hub related information.

domain = [your domain goes here]
hub = [hub goes here]
hubrobotname = [hub robot name goes here]
hubip = [hub ip goes here]
hubport = 48002
access_0 = 0
access_1 = 1
access_2 = 2
access_3 = 3
access_4 = 4
NIM_JRE_HOME = jre/jre7
NIM_JRE_HOME_1_7 = jre/jre7
12. Save the file
13.  E
dit controller.cfg
14. Delete the section:
15. Go to the spooler section
description = Robot Message Spooler
group = Infrastructure
active = yes
type = ignore
command = spooler.exe
config = spooler.cfg
logfile = spooler.log
workdir = robot
magic_key = [removed from example for security]
16. Change type from
type = ignore
type = daemon
17. Save the file

18. Go to the Nimsoft Service Controller and press Start?

19. When the Nimsoft Service Controller Status changes to Running and the information below that is populated;
Open task manager and make sure you see: controller, hdb, spooler
20. Go to IM, you should be able to find the robot under the hub you assigned it to.

21. Open the hub probe on the primary NMS/UIM and go to the hubs tab
22. Find the old hub, right click and select remove.


Component: UIMHUB


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