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(NO LICENSE) message displayed in Infrastructure Manager (IM)


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


After installing or upgrading a hub in IM it shows NO LICENSE and NO VALID LICENSE in the expire date window of the hub GUI.


Component: CAUIM


1. If the hub has no license, copy the license from another hub. Click on the on Modify button in the hub GUI and paste the license into the window.

Example of a license string:

nimbus-v1.0/<CompanyABC> /*/2500/30-oct-2013/NO GENE EJAH MUST TATE LEEX

Then Click OK to restart the probe.

2. If the hub GUI still shows 'NO VALID LICENSE' for the expire date window then check to make sure you have enough licenses - how many licenses are showing as 'used' (x out of y licenses used...).

There may be too many robots connected to the hub. This number then exceeds the total number of licenses which have been purchased.

Check your primary hub to see the number of licenses in use versus the total amount of licenses. If this is 100% then you will need to purchase more licenses or disconnect some robots.

If you don't have licenses available, you may need to purchase more licenses or disconnect some robots. You can obtain a new hub license from License Fulfilment that covers the number of robots in your environment. Open a support case to request a new license.

3. If there is at least 1 license currently available, then the next step is to login to the Infrastructure Manager again via Security->Login to see if that clears the message.

4. Try a restart of the primary hub Robot.

Additional Information

After upgrading Unified Infrastructure Manager, the Primary hub shows: 'NO LICENSE' and several probes are not starting.

    Reapply the primary hub license key.

    Once the hub license has been applied, in IM on the hub robot, select all probes, right click -> security -> validate and select yes all.