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The logmon probe when run in command mode seems to be storing the QoS data incorrectly. (2 entries)


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


This is working as designed as per the current probe functionality that is if you select ONLY ?Generate Quality of Service? then you will get 2 QoS. What you can do is change the target name so that both can be differentiated in the database as well. See attached doc. Also, why the second value is generated as a '0' is also defined in the attached doc.

If both ?Generate Alarm? and ?Generate Quality of Service? are enabled then you will get only 1 QoS based on the QoS defined under 'QoS on Variables' section.

keywords: logmon command mode 2 two QoS entries qos duplicate twice configured stores value twice at the same time correct 0 average averaging




Component: UIMLGM

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