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Integration of Nimsoft and third-party Service Desk Applications


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Integration of Nimsoft and third-party Service Desk Applications

The APIs used are specific to the ticket system you want to integrate with.

Nimsoft provides out of the box integration for several systems, e.g., Remedy (remedygtw), Service Now (sngtw), HP Service Desk (hpsmgtw), CA Service Desk (casdgtw).

We also have a number of customer-developed integrations as well.

The methods used may include one or more of the following:

- Simple email
- APIs
- Webservices
- Scripts

The method used will be dependent on the level of integration required.

These integrations are called ?gateway probes.? Any 'new' integration would most likely need to be a custom gateway probe.

The common design pattern for gateway probes is listed below:

? A special gateway user is defined in NMS (e.g. ?Nimsoft Service Desk?)
? Alarms are assigned to that user (either manually or via Auto Operator rules)
? The gateway probe subscribes to alarm_assign & alarm_close subjects, checks to see if the assigned_to user is the gateway user
? If the assigned_to user is the gateway user, the probe uses the ticketing system API to open an Incident ticket and stores the ticket number in a note attached to the alarm
? For bi-directional operation, the gateway probe needs to keep track of the Alarm (nimid) and Incident Ticket (ticket ID) so that when the alarm is closed, the ticket can be updated and when the ticket is closed, the alarm can be acknowledged.

You can find more information on programming for the Nimsoft environment by reading the SDK documentation available at


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