vRA patch upgrade fails at "VREALIZE UPGRADE TRANSFER PACKAGES" task
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vRA patch upgrade fails at "VREALIZE UPGRADE TRANSFER PACKAGES" task


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VMware Cloud Foundation


This article outlines a rare case when the vRA upgrade workflow is failing due to intermittent networking issues and provides customers with instructions on how to proceed.

vRA patch upgrade fails at "VREALIZE UPGRADE TRANSFER PACKAGES" task due to following error:

YYYY-MM-DDT03:00:07.215+0000 INFO [vcf_lcm,b7eac2b83b3321ad,6fcc,upgradeId=2f7ed2bf-5e3e-4f2d-a340-5f1f25649b2b,resourceType=VRA,resourceId=e1d4bd5d-c4be-4993-96bc-637182260dbb:vra,bundleElementId=2cd27743-0ca3-41ad-8da2-7f3f1660a107] [c.v.e.s.l.p.i.v.s.VraRegisterPatchBinaryStage,ThreadPoolTaskExecutor-10] Executing CURL command on VRSLCM: curl -X POST "http://localhost:8080/lcm/lcops/api/settings/patch/import" -H "accept: */*" -H "Content-Type: multipart/form-data" -H "Authorization: Basic %s" -F "file=@%s" -k

YYYY-MM-DDT03:00:07.233+0000 ERROR [vcf_lcm,b7eac2b83b3321ad,6fcc,upgradeId=2f7ed2bf-5e3e-4f2d-a340-5f1f25649b2b,resourceType=VRA,resourceId=e1d4bd5d-c4be-4993-96bc-637182260dbb:vra,bundleElementId=2cd27743-0ca3-41ad-8da2-7f3f1660a107] [c.v.evo.sddc.common.util.SshUtil,ThreadPoolTaskExecutor-10] Received exception during command execution
com.jcraft.jsch.JSchException: channel is not opened.
        at com.jcraft.jsch.Channel.sendChannelOpen(Channel.java:768)
        at com.jcraft.jsch.Channel.connect(Channel.java:151)
        at com.jcraft.jsch.Channel.connect(Channel.java:145)
        at com.vmware.evo.sddc.common.util.SshUtil$ChannelWorker.run(SshUtil.java:248)


VMware Cloud Foundation 4.3
VMware Cloud Foundation 4.x


As part of the vRA upgrade workflow, the bundle should be transfered to the vRSLCM.

For that purpose, we are connecting to the vRSLCM appliance via SSH. In that case, the SSH connection could not be established due to intermittent networking issues.

Note: This is observed as a result of intermittent networking issue.


Given that the cause is an intermittent networking issue, it cannot be resolved.

Recommend to follow the workaround.

A retry is recommended.

Additional Information

We may need to retry the workflow to upload (Transfer the package)