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NAS preprocessing rules and order


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


nas processing of AO profiles and preprocessing rules:

Auto Operator (AO) profiles

Set Order

The profiles will be executed in the order they were created (see the order column in the list). If modifying the list, using the move up and move down options mentioned above, you may select this to be the new executing order by selecting the Set Order option.

NAS preprocessing rules

Preprocessing rules can be defined using only filters and/or an Operating period. A specific order cannot be configured - that would be a feature request (Idea).

Preprocessing rules are processed as displayed in the GUI. To change the order in the GUI you need to change the order of the cfg.

'Custom' rules are first priority, 'excludes 'are second priority and 'invisible' are third priority.

nas preprocessing rules are executed 'top to bottom' of the nas.cfg, and the first match is the only one used.


Component: UIMNAS