UMP Upgrade caveats


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DX Infrastructure Management NIMSOFT PROBES


When you upgrade UMP, you need to deactivate the following 3 UMP probes prior to starting the UMP upgrade.
  • wasp
  • dashboard_engine
  • dap

Please note. This is regardless of whether you are running multiple UMPs or a single instance of UMP

This is noted in the following URL:

The doc is written for an audience running a multiple UMP configuration, but stopping the above 3 probes is also very important for any audience running a single UMP.

If you start the UMP upgrade without stopping the above 3 probes, java_jre package upgrade (in the UMP robot) may not be executed/finished properly, because those 3 probes are holding JRE binaries and as long as they are active, it may prevent some java_jre packages from being updated.



Component: CAUIM