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Choosing TIM Trace Options.


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APPLICATION DELIVERY ANALYSIS SUPERAGENT CA Application Performance Management Agent (APM / Wily / Introscope) INTROSCOPE



           When should I use specific TIM Trace options?



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      The following are common settings. But these may change depending on the type of issues that you are having.

      Note: Running full Tim Trace Options in a production environment can cause memory and disk issues.


      If having traffic issues, set

           - Trace connections

           - Trace HTTP components

           - Trace HTTP parameters.


          If having SSL issues, set

            - Trace connections (Optional)

            - Trace HTTP components

            - Trace HTTP parameters

            - Trace SSL errors.


         If having User/User Group issues, set

            - Trace sessions and logins.


         If having Defect/Definition issues, set

            - Trace Defects

            - Trace Business Transactions

            - Trace Transactions

            - Trace Transaction Components

            - Trace HTTP Components/Parameters.


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