Custom jar files and Clarity server
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Custom jar files and Clarity server


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I would like to write a Java customization and add my custom jar files to the Clarity server, how can I do this?


  • Please note that adding any custom jar files is completely unsupported in all Clarity PPM versions.
  • Broadcom Support will not be able to assist with any issues with the customization or inflicted by the customization
  • More specifically, adding any/modifying any jar files to $clarity/lib directory is strongly discouraged, this is making the environment unsupported, and has the potential to cause impacting issues to your server
  • $clarity/lib directory should contain Clarity out of box jar files only.


Broadcom's recommendations:

  • All custom jar files have to be placed in $clarity/customlib or outside of Clarity folder
  • For upgrades, all custom jars must be removed before the upgrade
  • If a customization no longer works after an upgrade, it's up to the custom code owner to test/validate/resolve
  • For any assistance with your customization please refer to the Communities or engage a partner

Additional Information

Note: Many of the issues with custom jar files are due to wrong of conflicting versions. Before contacting your partner or developer, ensure that the right version of the custom jar is deployed and any old versions are removed from the server