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SDM: A Guide to the Priority Calculation Matrix


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This is a detailed walk through of setting up the Priority Calculation matrix feature of CA Service Desk Manager and ITSM.

A Priority Calculation matrix allows you to automatically specify the Priority of an Incident or Problem, based off a value chosen for the Urgency and Impact.

This gives consistency to Priority allocation and is in line with ITIL principles.


This guide supplements the detailed documentation provided on the ITSM 14.1 Wiki for Priority Calculation here, which is applicable to all current releases.

It covers:

  • The standard 5 x 5 Priority Calculation matrix set-up.
  • A custom 3 x 3 (or other size) Priority Calculation set-up.
  • How to restrict Impact and Urgency choices to users by Data Partition Constraints.
  • Some common issues encountered.


This guide does not step through the Priority Calculation information already covered on the Wiki.


CAUTION:The Priority Calculation Matrix depends on having default data in the Impact, Urgency and Priority tables - such as the field “enum” – being unchanged and out of the box. Do not change these tables directly. The Priority Calculation Matrix functionality may break.
It is acceptable to change field value names through the web client interface.



Release: SDMU0M99000-14.1-Service Desk Manager-Full License


The full guide is contained in the attached document "Priority Calculation Matrix.pdf."
Please open these attached files found in zip file

  • Priority Calculation Matrix.pdf
  • Priority Calculation Matrix.xlsx

Additional Information

ITSM 17.1 Wiki – How to Set Priority Calculation
ITSM 14.1 Wiki – How to Set Priority Calculation
KB000048150 (formerly TEC614948) – How to mask out the "None" Impact value


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