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Migrating CA Datacom/AD from version 12.0 to 14.0 for use with CA Common Services/Event Manager


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The CA Datacom/AD product does not typically provide an upgrade to the existing software for new releases, but instead provides direction to install the new version as a “new upgrade.” For many applications that need to maintain their data, there are specific upgrade instructions to “migrate” the data from the old release to the new release.

This document discusses the process for migrating the data for CA Common Services/Event Management. For this product, you will need to run a process to define the database to the new version Multi-User Facility (called MUF), as there is no migration job defined for this database.

This document assumes that the general installation and customization have been completed, and the new version MUF is operational. Please refer to the CA Common Services/ENF Installation Guide (version 14.1 is referenced here), and follow the instructions to set up the version 14.0 MUF. This information is found in section "Install CA Datacom/AD.”


Once the MUF is operational as noted above, you will need to follow the process to handle the customization of the CA Datacom/AD environment for your Event Management processing. This is found in the same Installation Guide, in the section “Install CA Datacom/ADCustomize CA Datacom/AD for Event Management.”

Note the 5th paragraph in this section:

If you have a DATACOM/TR repository used for release 3.0 of Event Management, you may want to extract the table information from the old repository and load the information into the new DATACOM/AD repository. For information on the optional steps to extract and load your existing table information, see the latter portion of the following procedure.

The process is described in Step 6 of the section, and identifies the several jobs you need to run to report on, extract and load the data.

Additional Information:

For further information about the configuration of the Event Management product, please refer to the CA Common Services/ENF Installation Guide.

For further information about the various CA Datacom/AD DBUTLTY functions, please refer to the CA Datacom/DB DBUTLTY Reference Guide.

For further information about installing the new version of CA Datacom/AD, please refer to the CA Datacom/AD Installation Guide and the associated README file.

As always, please contact CA Technologies support for CA Datacom if you have further questions.


Release: CA90SV00200-14-Common Services-for z/OS