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Why is the message SMGR116C issued under QuickEdit, when the element is edited in place ?


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One of our programmers is having serious problems with synchronization conflicts. She has multiple elements (copybooks, programs, JCL) she's trying to move from DEVL to the new QUAL environment. Each one gives her the SMGR116C error. I had her back everything out, regen on DEVL, then just move the copybooks but she's getting the same error. If she does a gen in the QUAL environment she gets a return code 0. However, when she then tries to create a package to move from QUAL to PROD the synchronization conflicts occur. What would be causing this? 

Apply the following ptf's:

Product   Release   Apar #
ENDBAS    16.0     RO86391
ENDBAS    17.0     RO86392
ENDBAS    18.0     RO86393


Component: ENDBAS