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Presenting the VOVMI000-Online Viewing Option Menu instead of the MAIN Menu in an Online Viewing Only (OLVO) region.


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Dispatch Output Mgmt



Is there a way to have a the VOVMI000-Online Viewing Option Menu displayed instead of the full MAIN Menu (VRDMI000) when logging on to an Online Viewing Only (OLVO) region?



You can use "Installation Codes" to determine what screen a user logging on to Dispatch will initially be put to when they logon.

If the Online Viewing Only region has it's own load library, consider installing Special Feature FEAT026 which will assign a default "Installation Code" to all users logging on to this region.

To force them to the "VOVMI000-Online Viewing Option Menu" screen instead of the MAIN MENU (VRDMI000), you would use the installation code of 'CAOV'. 


Additional Information: 

To see what other Installation Code options are available for FEAT026 as well as instructions for installing Special Features, please refer to the following Documentation:  

-Dispatch 11.7 Installation Guide: Chapter 7 - Starting Your Product - Activate Special Features (page 117).

-Specifically, FEAT026 is documented on page 122.


Release: DISPAX00200-11.7-Dispatch