Alarm Notifier Event details missing in the alarm and showing as "displaying most recent of 2 event messages"


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CA Spectrum


E-mails received from AlarmNotifier are showing the following:

Displaying most recent of 2 event messages

Or the latest message in the Event is that the alarm cleared.





Please follow below steps to resolve this...

1. Log into the system as the user that owns the Spectrum installation

2. Edit the $SPECROOT/Notifier/.alarmrc file and change below two parameters from false to true 



3. Restart AlarmNotifier

NOTE: The above instructions assume you are running the default AlarmNotifier which uses the .alarmrc file. AlarmNotifier may be customized in your environment to run from a different directory and/or use a difference "rc" file.  The changes to any custom "rc" file will be the same as described above.

NOTE: If using a text editor to modify the .alarmrc file on Windows, be sure to save the file as plain ascii text with no formatting.

Additional Information

SHOW_ALL_EVENTS - This parameter allows you to specify whether you want to display all events for the given alarm, or only the most recent event. 

SHOW_ONLY_ORIGINATING_EVENT - This parameter essentially disables the AlarmNotifier's use of the Archive Manager, and therefore can only     display the event that originated the alarm.  If this option is set, the Store_Originating_Event attribute( 0x1296f ) must be set to Yes ( the default )         on the AlarmMgmt model of every SpectroSERVER.

Please reference the "AlarmNotifier" section of the documentation for more information.