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DSEXARD encounters a database problem with an error status code of 0069.


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Dispatch Output Mgmt



The DSEXARD job fails with an error status code of 0069 due to some type of database problem.



The error status of 0069 typically means that the batch job does not have access to the CA Dispatch database files.



- Execution of the DSEXARD job requires that the CA Dispatch started task be ACTIVE. Make sure that CA Dispatch is active prior to running the job.

- Make sure that the job is running in an initiator that is attached to the same LPAR that CA Dispatch is active on.

- Make sure that the 'DSHLQ=' symbolic specified in the jobs JCL points to the correct high level qualifier of the CA Dispatch region you are trying to run the job against.

- Make sure that the USERID associated to the submission of the DSEXARD job has the necessary security authorization to access the the CA Dispatch database files. 

-Once you have identified and corrected the problem using the above guidelines, you can just rerun the DSEXARD job. 


Release: DISPAX00200-11.7-Dispatch