UMP lands on the License portlet with a license error message: "There are no licenses registered"


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DX Infrastructure Management NIMSOFT PROBES


When browsing to the UMP, it always shows "This server is not registered." Screen capture is this.


  • Browsing to different pages always brings back this page
  • License keys are checked (it's not a licensing issue)
  • Restarting wasp or clearing browser cache does not help

On portal.log we may see:

ERROR [LicenseManager:] A license modified in the future was detected. License Modified: 1435737352832. Current time: 1429257601839. Skipping license file {productEntryName=Portal OEM, startDate=1376463600000, expirationDate=4530063600000, description=CA - OEM, owner=CA - OEM, licenseEntryName=Portal OEM, productVersion=6.1 GA2, type=oem, accountEntryName=CA - OEM, version=4}
ERROR [LicenseManager:] No binary licenses found


This applies to Liferay, the third party portal software used as the underlying framework for UMP.

Liferay EE 6.1.30 is packaged with UMP 7.6 through 8.31, and possibly newer versions once released.
Liferay Portal Enterprise Edition 6.1.30 EE
Paton / Build 6130 / August, 2013?
This server is not registered?
Hostname / Ip Addresses / Mac Addresses
"There are no licenses registered"


Please check presence of liferay license file ( /probes/service/wasp/license/ ) in UMP robot.

A: If the license file is present, this is a system clock related issue.

  1. If the server has recently experienced a time change, it may have been by > more than 24 hours.
  2. The license file should exist at /probes/service/wasp/license/. You will see a license file called
  3. Try rolling the clock ahead to the time that it was set to, eg, advance to the highest timestamp that the server has ever logged.
  4. Restart wasp.
  5. If the UMP now loads, set the clock back about 22 hours, and then restart wasp.
  6. If the clock is not yet in sync, repeat the process. The wasp probe will invalidate the license anytime the clock has been rolled back more than 23 hours.

B: If the license file is corrupt or missing, need to recover the file.

This issue is not related to the licenses in place but could be caused by some corruption.
The following procedure should bring back UMP as normal.

1. Deactivate 'wasp' probe in UMP robot.
2. Take backup of the entire "ROOT" folder in <nimsoft>/probes/service/wasp/webapps
3. Re-run UMP installer.
4. (If the file is still missing) Copy the entire "license" folder in <nimsoft>/probes/service/data to <nimsoft>/probes/service/wasp folder.
5. Restore "ROOT" folder backup to <nimsoft>/probes/service/wasp/webapps
6. Activate 'wasp' probe in UMP robot.

Note: the reason we back up ROOT up in this manner is that deploying also deploys a new ROOT webapp and this can destroy some customizations (like custom logos).
We always want to keep the current/existing ROOT folder backed up and put it back in place.