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Vmware Auto monitors are superior to Static monitors


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Some monitoring probes offer an Auto Configuration option. This capability will examine a server environment and automatically construct a monitoring tree according to the Templates you have deployed. Deploying Templates must be done carefully. Dropping a Template in the wrong location during deployment can result in a monitoring tree made entirely of Static monitors. The vmware probe is a prominent example.
Static monitors have several disadvantages compared to Auto monitors. They require extra processing power for the probe to execute. And they execute every monitoring cycle, regardless of the existence of the targeted resource. In a dynamic environment such as Vmware, host resources are frequently constructed and destroyed according to business need. When Static monitors are deployed against vm’s that are deleted, the static monitors are now aimed at something that does not exist. This results in lists of monitors with null values.


Release: 8.x or Newer
Component: UIMVMW


To avoid this, always deploy templates by drag/dropping then onto the Auto Configuration node, as illustrated below. Dropping templates onto the Group or Resource node will result in all Static monitors.


Additional Information

If you have inadvertently generated a monitoring tree of all Static monitors, there are two ways to delete the Statics and reconstruct the tree with Auto monitors.

The easiest way is to right-click, delete the Resource directly under the Group node. Restart the probe and deploy a fresh copy of that resource. In this new resource, deploy your preferred templates onto the Auto Configuration node. Restart the probe.

The second method takes a few more steps. In the probe GUI, select All Monitors. Extended select the entire list on the right side, delete. Restart the probe promptly and deploy your templates as described herein. This method preserves your login credentials, which may be hidden to you.


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