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Why are my scheduled reports generated but not delivered by email?


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CA Network Flow Analysis (NetQos / NFA)



Why are my scheduled reports generated but are not getting delivered by email?


NFA 9.1/9.2/9.3


Sometimes the email server cannot cope with the number of scheduled emails/reports requested to run at the same time.

You will probably see an error such as below in your ReporterAnalyzerManagerServiceLogdate.log
This log should be located at; Install location/NFA/Reporter/Logs

14:02:00 2 - Report Scheduler: Error executing report: ID 123
14:02:00 2 - Report Scheduler - :
Service not available, closing transmission channel. The server response was: #4.x.2 Too many messages for this session
Affected recipients xyz
at NetQoS.Email.Smtp.TransformEmailer.InternalSendEmail(String emailAddresses, String replyTo, String subject, String message, SmtpAttachmentSources sourceType, Object source, String attachmentName, String mimeType, UInt32 emailId)
at NetQoS.Email.Smtp.TransformEmailer.SendScheduledEmail(IEmailScheduleItem scheduleItem, String mimeType)


Check your schedule, it's possible you may have quite a number of reports to send at the same time, if they are large reports, or even if they are not, try and spread the them out to run over a longer period of time.
For instance if you have 10/20 reports/emails scheduled at 1am, separate them into smaller batches and perhaps for 1am, 1.30am, 2am.
And see if this resolves your issue.

Additional Information:

If you still have a problem, please raise a support case, and attach a set of CA Remote Engineer Logs from your NFA Console Server.
If you are running NFA 9.3.3 or newer, you can run the tool from the \CA\NFA\Tools\RemoteEngineer\ directory by running RemoteEngineer.cmd.

If you have an earlier version of NFA please download the latest CA RemoteEngineer from



Release: RAIB1H99000-9.3-Network Flow Analysis-Interface Bundle-Hardware