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IDMS Journal offload job does not get submitted in 18.5 Install JOB07 upgrade. Am using IDMS Startup region without WTO=WTOEXIT and still do not receive any WTOEXIT display messages? What?s causing this?


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Journal offload did not get submitted while I was running JOB07 of the IDMS r18.5 upgrade Install in CV mode. Am using IDMS Startup region without WTO=WTOEXIT and still do not receive any WTOEXIT display messages? Also when I do a LOOK PROGRAM=IDMSUXIT; it says it was loaded from my DBA.LOADLIB, not the base IDMS loadlib. What’s causing this?



The Online LOOK from CV (at The Enter Next Task Code) will only search CDMSLIB loadlibs. 

In fact all modules loaded by CV are loaded from CDMSLIB with the following exceptions: 
1. If the STEP=Y parameter is specified in Startup JCL, RHDCTCKR and RHDCCKUR will be loaded from STEPLIB.

2. As of PTF RO60928 the IDMSUXIT module will be loaded from STEPLIB if it exists there. See this PTF for the explanation. 

We do deliver a vanilla IDMSUXIT in CAGJLOAD so if CAGJLOAD is the STEPLIB loadlib, that is the one CV will load. 
Many clients create a special loadlib for STEPLIB, containing just the modules that must or can be loaded from STEPLIB, but some do use CAGJLOAD. 
This loadlib must be APF authorized in many cases for various reasons, especially if running CV in a Primary Protect Key other than the default 8. 

If a client defines CAGJLOAD as their STEPLIB loadlib, AND they have a custom IDMSUXIT in CUSTOM.LOADLIB they will have to define that loadlib ahead of CAGJLOAD in STEPLIB and if STEPLIB must be APF, that loadlib must also be APF. 

If on the other hand the client has a special Loadlib used for STEPLIB that currently contains RHDCOMVS, RHDCTCKR and RHDCCKUR, then they will need to link their custom IDMSUXIT into that special startup loadlib. 



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Release: IDADSO00100-18.5-ADS-for CA-IDMS