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DBSQLException: ca.datacom.db.DBSQLException: NO ROW FOUND


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Mainframe Software Manager (Chorus Software Manager)


Starting the CA-CSM Tomcat proc fails with MSM0008E - System startup failed
uncategorized SQLException for SQL delete from component_fmid.; SQL state .HY000.; error
code .0.; ca.datacom.db.DBSQLException: ca.datacom.db.DBSQLException: NO ROW FOUND

z/OS, Apache Tomcat, Datacom DB Server. 

With RO68630 and above a SELECT COUNT(*) FROM TABLE is not physically counting the rows in the table anymore but uses the row counter that is stored in the CXX .

The CA CSM application runs a DELETE FROM TABLE when the COUNT(*) returns a non-zero number .
In this case there were no rows in the table but the CXX row counter was not zero. CA CSM expects the DELETE to get a zero SQLCODE but  since there were no rows the delete resulted in SQLCODE +100 with the DBSQLException.

Correct the CXX row count by running the RETIX with KEYID=*SETR.


Additional Information: 
CA Datacom DBUTLTY Reference Guide for z/OS


Component: MSM