Can you secure JBOS with SSL
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Can you secure JBOS with SSL


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Is there a way to secure JBOS with SSL? Running a port scan vulnerability report shows indicate plain text data being passed through the connection.


Please ensure Chorus PTF RO81395 is applied.

To have a secure connection, we need SSL enabled.

To setup SSL in Compliance Manger under Chorus, edit the cmgr_config.xml:

Obtain the value of the CATALINA_HOME environment variable. CATALINA_HOME is defined in the data set specified by the STDENV DD.

Find the configuration files that you need to modify for your system:

The CA Top Secret configuration file:

The CA Compliance Manager configuration file:

Within each configuration file, find the <server_info> block that contains connection information for your CA LDAP Server for z/OS.

Add <useTLS>true</useTLS> to the <server_info> block, as shown in the following example:

<tss classpath="" loginpage="/pages/esm/tss/login.jsp">
<tree id="258366f83beacc96c947354e4b90c24f" desc="CA TSS">
... (Various configuration directives appear here.) ...

Restart the Compliance Manager server.