Clean reinstall of Jaspersoft from scratch
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Clean reinstall of Jaspersoft from scratch


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Steps to reinstall Jaspersoft cleanly for Advanced Reporting in Clarity


Note that this procedure may cause you to lose some data (such as users created directly on the Jaspersoft server or any custom content you have created)
Ensure you backup all important content prior to reinstalling.

To cleanly reinstall Jaspersoft:

  1. Stop the Tomcat service. Remove the service if you have added the Tomcat as Service.
  2. Delete the Jaspersoft Tomcat instance (remove the entire folder)
  3. Drop the PPM_JASPERSOFT schema from the database
  4. Now recreate the PPM_JASPERSOFT user as per the instructions in the Installation Guide
  5. Install a new Tomcat for Jaspersoft
  6. Navigate to your Jaspersoft installation files directory and start the Jaspersoft installation as per the Installation Guide:
  7. Once the installation finishes successfully, recreate the Jaspersoft keystore with the command:
    admin jaspersoft keystore
  8. Then import the Jaspersoft PMO Content with the import command (example below):
    admin content-jaspersoft csk upgrade -userName superuser -password superuser -retryCount 50
  9. Restart Jaspersoft Tomcat 
  10. Connect to Clarity and run Create Jaspersoft Users job