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YCVTMDLMSG produced error Y2E0030


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The CA 2E command YCVTMDLMSG is run to convert the user message functions held in a 2E design model into IBM i message descriptions in one or more message files. 

If all messages can be successfully converted, the command will end with Y2C0080: Messages in model ... converted to library ...

It is quite normal for this command to end with error Y2E0030: Error converting messages from library ... to library ...

Further details of the message...

Cause: The YCVTMDLMSG command could not add one or more message descriptions  to the the target message file.  This may have been because the message file could not be found.

Recovery: Examine the audit report to determine which messages could not be processed.  Correct any errors and try again. 



The CONVERT MODEL MESSAGES audit report (spool file YCVTMSGRP$) gives details of all messages converted and any that could not be converted.

Messages that could not be converted will show the text Not converted in the Status column of the report.

A common cause is a mismatch between parameters defined for the message and parameters used in the message.


Additional Information:

For examples, please see the attached document.



Release: K1EBAS04400-8.5-2E-400 Toolkit

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