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How to determine the CA RS level of a product by using CA CSM?


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Mainframe Software Manager (Chorus Software Manager)


How can I determine the current CA RS level for a specific product using CA Chorus Software Manager?
It appears as if my recent CA-OPS/MVS R12.3 install is at the CARS1510 level since when I try to upgrade CA RS it indicates that there is nothing to upgrade but I really don't know.  
To verify the current CA RS level for a specific product using CSM:
  •   From the SMP/E tab, click Maintenance, then you can filter by CARSnnnn level.
    •   For example, if you filter by CARS1510, it will show you either "APPLIED" or "NOT RECEIVED" for the PTFS in that CARSnnnn
  •   Starting with Chorus Software Manager v6.0, you can also use QUERY the CSI
    •   This displays the CARSnnnn SOURCEID for all CA RS levels that have been applied for that product   
Additional Information:

Refer to the CA Chorus Software Manager v6.0 Documentation wiki for more information on determining the CA RS level and and applying any maintenance using CA CSM.


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